As optical tools, the human eye and brain are far more sophisticated than even the most advanced camera,

as they are capable of perceiving and processing much more and much more detailed information.

Using digital post-processing techniques, I aim to approach the eye’s interpretation of an image as closely as possible,

for instance through the addition of light.

Images are built up in layers to create just the right kind of light,

in order to ensure an optimally balanced expression of colors and materials.

Color casts are removed to capture just the right atmosphere, and I consistently try to reach

the optimum level of tensity in every image,

by striking the right balance between light, color, and space.

Colors are then correctly translated into digital imaging, resulting in a high-end and, natural reproduction of reality.

To experience this process yourself, drag the sliders below from left to right to see the original photographic

take transform into a high-end image that sees reality the way your eyes see it.

beeldbewerking Rene van Dongen

beeldbewerking Rene van Dongen


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