In addition, I have taken up video production, as video is becoming an increasingly important

communication vehicle on the internet.

The addition of moving images can make your presentations more dynamic, and as a bonus,

will make them easier to find online.

I produce short video presentations, as well as short time-lapse movies which can be posted on YouTube,

or applied in portfolio presentations, on social media, etc.

Below are some examples of recent video projects I have worked on, including walk-throughs and a presentation

of a large tunnel construction project using mixed media (photography, time-lapse, and video).

Since 2015, I have been a brand ambassador for Sigma cameras and lenses.

Sigma is a brand that represents the pinnacle in imaging quality.

Sigma’s Quattro cameras are especially suited for landscape photography and architectural photography,

as they are capable of generating images with an extremely high level of detail, thanks to the special Foveon processor.

Sigma’s vision on image quality is closely aligned with mine.

Below is a short documentary about me, made by Sigma, in which I explain my vision on detail in

landscape photography and architectural photography.